Common Myths About Tag Gun Needle Sticks

Myth 1: When someone is stuck by a tag gun needle, I can just replace the needle because …

…it eliminates the risk of infection.
FACT: There are three critical areas of a tagging gun that must be addressed to eliminate the risk of infection. They are (1), the inside of the needle, (2) The outside of the needle and (3), the internal metal rod that moves back and forth inside the needle as the gun is fired. This rod actually contacts the interior of the needle. If any infectious material is on that metal rod it will contaminate the needle. Only a SaniCaps® disinfects all three areas and completely eliminates the risk of infection.

.’s more economical than a SaniCaps®
FACT: A SaniCaps® cost a fraction of what a needle cost. Tagging gun needles cost $1 to $4 each. SaniCaps™ are supremely more cost effective costing less than 50 cents each.

MYTH 2: I can just use alcohol to disinfect my needles.

FACT: According to OSHA and the CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), alcohol is not effective against hepatitis and other virulent pathogens. Only an EPA registered tuberculocidal is proven effective against hepatitis. Each SaniCaps® contains 0.06 ml of a special EPA tuberculocidal that ensures maximum effectiveness against hepatitis and other virulent pathogens.

MYTH 3: I can just use a disinfectant spray or wipe on my tagging gun needle.

Fact: OSHA and other pathogenic experts agree that neither sprays nor wipes adequately disinfect the three critical areas of a tag gun.  Only a patented SaniCap® with its vial shape can definitively saturate and reliably disinfect all THREE CRITICAL AREAS in one step completely eliminating the risk of infection.


MYTH 4: Tagging gun needle sticks can’t cause infections

Fact: No one, not even the manufacturers of tag guns, disputes the fact that needle sticks from these guns can cause life threatening and potentially fatal infections.  Not using a SaniCap® is a “pointless” and unnecessary gamble in a time when drug-resistant strains of bacteria are gaining strength and viruses are mutating faster than their pharmacological solutions.  Needle sticks from tag guns are inevitable.  But, you can eliminate the risk of infection from those needle sticks by making sure there are no pathogens on them.  SaniCaps® do just that and eliminate the risk of infections from needle sticks.