Frequently Asked Questions

SaniCaps® disinfect tagging gun needles.  Everyone who uses tagging guns is going to get stuck by the needle at some “point”.  SaniCaps® protect people who use price tagging guns from getting infections from needle sticks.  SaniCaps® unique shape and disinfectant kill all the germs on the needle making infection from needle sticks impossible.    SaniCaps® eliminate any chance of infection from those needle sticks

Yes, each SaniCap® contains 0.6 ml of an EPA registered formula that kills coronavirus, HIV (AIDS virus), HBV (hepatitis B), and a broad spectrum of other infectious pathogens.

No, according to OSHA and the CDC, alcohol is not effective against tough viruses like hepatitis and other virulent pathogens.  An EPA registered disinfectant capable of killing Hepatitis B must be used to be compliant.  Each SaniCap® contains 0.6ml of an EPA registered high level disinfectant (see Q1).

No one, not even the people who make tagging guns, disputes the fact that tagging gun needle sticks have transmitted serious infections. Not using a SaniCap® is a “pointless” and unnecessary risk in a time when drug-resistant strains of bacteria are gaining strength and viruses are mutating faster than their pharmacological solutions. Needle sticks from tagging guns are inevitable. But, you can eliminate the risk of infections from those needle sticks by making sure that there are no pathogens on the needles that can be transmitted. SaniCaps® eliminate the risks of infections and liability.

No.  According to OSHA and other pathogenic experts familiar with tagging guns, neither sprays nor wipes adequately disinfect the three critical areas.  Needles and guns must be immersed and saturated to ensure full pathogenic kill on all three critical areas.

The three critical areas are: (1) The OUTSIDE of the needle, (2) the INSIDE of the hollow needle, and (3) the METAL ROD that moves back and forth inside the needle as the gun is fired.  This metal rod contacts the inside of the needle every time the gun is used.  Any germs on this rod will contaminate the needle.  Failure to disinfect any one of these three areas nullifies the entire disinfection process.  ONLY A PATENTED SANICAP® CAN RELIABLY DISINFECT ALL THREE CRITICAL AREAS AND COMPLETELY ELIMINATE THE RISK OF INFECTION.

No, SaniCaps® are specially formulated not to stain, bleach, nor harm apparel.

Simply replacing a needle doesn’t address the third of the three critical areas outlined in Q6.  Any infectious material on that metal rod will contaminate the needle.  ONLY A SANICAP® CAN DISINFECT ALL THREE AREAS AND COMPLETELY ELIMINATE THE RISK OF INFECTION. 

Yes.  According to OSHA needle sticks from tagging guns can be reasonably anticipated.  Even the leading tagging gun manufacturer’s product insert warns “Needle sticks can transmit life-threatening diseases….”  They know it (and warned you), OSHA knows it, and the industry knows it.


But, SaniCaps® eliminate those risks of needle stick infections and liability.

Yes. Restricting a gun’s use to a single person only reduces the risk of bloodborne transmission between users. It does not eliminate the risk of cross-contamination infections.

Remember, many people have handled the items you are tagging as they go from manufacturing, to distribution, to point of sale. Apparel is porous and retains microscopic infectious germs. A tagging gun’s sharp, hollow, hypodermic-like needle may transfer those germs to someone when they are stuck.

SaniCaps® eliminate all germs on the needle, making infection impossible.

A SaniCap® should be used once a day before an employee begins their tagging duties to ensure the needles are free of any infectious materials. Needle sticks are always “unscheduled accidents.”  SaniCaps® make infection impossible.

Call 1-866-SANICAP (726-4227) or write for a free policy.

SaniCap® 100 (item #175) contains 100 SaniCaps® in a small box 4.5” x 3.25” x 4.5”.  Each box is printed with Directions in English/Spanish and has a convenient side dispenser.  The #175 is perfect for use in stores.

SaniCap® 1000 (item #150) contains 1,000 SaniCaps® in a 15” x 10” x 5” (6 lbs.) box with Directions in English/Spanish.  The #150 is for use in small to medium manufacturing and/or distribution centers.

SaniCap® 5000 (item #140) contains 5,000 SaniCaps® in a 19” x 15” x 13” (26 lbs.) box with Directions in English/Spanish.  The #140 is for use in medium to large manufacturing and/or distribution centers.

SaniCaps®, Protection from Infection.