Interesting Tag Gun Facts

SaniCaps® eliminate the risk of infection and liability

SaniCaps® eliminate the risk of infection and liability Each SaniCap® contains 0.6ml of an EPA reg formula that kills HIV, Hepatitis, and other virulent pathogens making the needle incapable of transmitting infections.

Critical areas of tagging gun…


Tag GunThere are three critical areas of a tagging gun that must be disinfected to eliminate the risk of infection: The Outside, The Inside and The Internal Metal Rod…

Know your tagging needle

Tagging gun needles are sharp, hollow, and capable of penetrating skin similar to a hypodermic needle.

Everyone who uses tagging guns is going to get stuck by the needle at some “point”. SaniCaps® protect people who use price tagging guns from getting infections from needle sticks. SaniCaps® unique shape and disinfectant kill all the germs on the needle making infection from needle sticks impossible. SaniCaps® eliminate any chance of infection from those needle sticks.  Protect and be safe!  BUY SaniCap® now!